Acacia’s framework aligns with the mental health continuum model, to support all individuals regardless of where they sit on the continuum.

Our framework is defined by three key pillars that focus on promotion, protection and support.

Mental health is not just the presence or absence of a condition. It is experienced on a continuum, which we move along at different times in response to stressors and circumstances.

An individual’s mental state can range from positive, healthy functioning where they are thriving and show high levels of resilience and wellbeing. This can shift through to states of surviving or struggling, where an individual may experience difficulty coping or symptoms of mental ill-health. Some may go beyond this to a state of crisis where severe symptoms of mental health conditions are present.

To create a mentally healthy workplace, organisations need programs and services in place that not only address the injured or ill, but also support those who are healthy, to maintain their mental fitness in order to thrive.

our pillars

There are three pillars to address when creating a mentally healthy workplace. Promotion is about promoting positive mental health and reducing stigma. Protection focuses on addressing psychosocial hazards and putting in place protective factors. And support looks at assisting those with mental health conditions to recover and return to work.

Acacia applies a best practice integrated approach to workplace mental health as recommended by Beyond Blue and Heads Up.

Promoting Positive Mental Health

The goal of promotion includes combating stigma, increasing understanding and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. This can be achieved by providing information and resources on the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions; raising awareness of roles and responsibilities regarding mental health in the workplace; reminding staff of the mental health and wellbeing services and supports available to them; celebrating events that demonstrate mental health and wellbeing as an important focus of the organisation; and promoting a culture that allows people to take the action they need to be mentally healthy and thrive.

Protecting the Mental Health of Staff

Workplaces have an obligation to protect the health and safety of all people in the workplace against risks to their physical and mental health. This is vital for those staff who are exposed to psychosocial hazards due to the nature and design of their work and are at risk of psychological injury. Protection focusses on supporting those who are struggling to ensure they have the capacity to bounce back.

Supporting Those With A Mental Health Conditions

Support employees experiencing psychological distress, injury or living with mental health condition, regardless of whether they are attributed to workplace stressors, by providing access to a range of internal and external mental health supports that aim to foster their recovery. These services are designed to be reactive in nature and provide professional care and treatment to aid an individual’s capacity to deal with the crisis and install hope for the future.

Acacia’s unique partnership model, spearheaded by our Workplace Wellbeing Consultants, provide organisations with a collaborative and information-driven working relationship. Mentally healthy workplaces can’t just focus on individuals that are in crisis and supporting them in recovery. Acacia’s approach is for all – regardless of where they sit on the mental health continuum.

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