Acacia Wishes

Acacia Wishes grants acts of support to individuals experiencing hardship and life difficulties to provide the helping hand they deserve to get back on track.​

We ask our clients and community to nominate individuals who could use a helping hand in the form of a granted Acacia Wish.

Acacia receives donations from our corporate clients as well as through our own direct funding. Acacia meets each month to review the submitted wishes and votes for the most eligible wishes. If the recipients give permission, we share their stories and encourage our supporting client companies and community to share the information through their media channels.

We encourage all members of the community, as well as our corporate clients, to donate to Acacia Wishes and help change the lives of these deserving individuals one wish at a time. All donations received go directly into the fund to grant wishes. Acacia EAP covers the administration and operating expenses of Acacia Wishes to ensure all donations received are used for the benefit of the community.

If you know someone who could use support, please lodge a wish through the below form.

Wishes Granted

Disaster Recovery Support

Acacia Wishes provided gift cards and funded free counselling sessions for those affected following the South-East Queensland flooding.

Financial Support

Acacia Wishes supported a Veteran Police Officer, who was experiencing intense financial difficulties, by paying his rent for one month.

New Washing Machine

Acacia Wishes purchased a new washing machine for a mother who fled her home due to Domestic Violence. This relieved her from hand-washing the clothes of her six children, allowing her more time to spend with her children.

Newborn Baby Items

Acacia Wishes purchased newborn baby items for a young family after they were medically evacuated to Australia from Papua New Guinea for a lifesaving childbirth.

New School Uniforms

Acacia Wishes purchased new school uniforms for four children who had to flee their home due to Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence Relocation

Acacia Wishes covered the cost for a lady who needed to leave her home due to Domestic Violence, ensuring her safety and letting her move forward.

School Camp

Acacia Wishes funded a camp for children that had been affected by Domestic and Family Violence.

Airline Tickets for Funeral

Acacia Wishes purchased airline tickets to Italy, allowing a lady to attend her mother’s funeral and give her the meaningful farewell she deserved.

Lodge a wish below


“I just wanted to write a short note to thank the donor for the generous contribution recently received by the L family. I would like to pass on a big thank you from myself and on behalf of the family that was recently supported with school uniforms and equipment, enabling them to transition smoothly to a new school after missing a considerable amount due to ongoing concerns for domestic violence within their family home.

I personally attended the uniform fitting session last week and the family expressed such gratitude and appreciation for the financial assistance provided (given the short notice). With your support, all four children are now successfully enrolled and haven’t missed a day since the school term commenced. I know this family are extremely appreciative of your kindness, especially considering the circumstances.”

Support Worker (name withheld)