Acacia’s range of proactive and preventive organisational services are tailored to support individual workforces.

Creating and maintaining a mentally healthy workplace is a necessary focus for many organisations. Our range of mental health and wellbeing programs and initatives will support your people by mitigating workplace mental health risks and maximising their resilience. 


EAP@Work™ brings support onsite, with scheduled EAP counselling sessions delivered at your workplace by an Acacia professional. 

Onsite support increases accessibility and promotes help-seeking behaviour, which can subsequently result in earlier intervention of concerns that may have otherwise more significantly impact employees.

EAP@Work™ is a great way to remove the stigma your employees might associate with accessing mental health and wellbeing support, as well as the barriers that can be faced when registering and booking an appointment offsite. Onsite support has also proven effective for teams where the nature of their work, or their work environment, presents potential exposure to psychosocial risks.

We offer tailored support models to meet organisational needs, including pre-booked sessions, drop-in model, and a walk-the-floor model.

Psychological Wellbeing Checks

A proactive check-in with an experienced professional to discuss wellbeing concerns and develop a personalised plan tailored to individual needs

The service is designed to support roles that work with difficult or vulnerable people, frontline personnel, as well as roles at risk of exposure to potentially traumatic situations, such as provocative content, heightened emotional states, threats, and/or aggression. These have the capacity to affect the psychological wellbeing of personnel and cause distress, tension, or trauma.

Prior to engagement, clients are asked to complete psychometrics sent to them via email. These provide the professional with baseline measures of symptomology of psychological distress. Within the session, the professional conducts a psychological wellbeing assessment. This includes discussion around experiences and concerns regarding wellbeing in order to understand current overall functioning.

Once completed, the professional will develop and document a personal care plan. This care plan will provide the client with individualised strategies and steps they can take to build and maintain their physical, emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing.

Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching enhances the professional performance of your executives, manager, and leaders

Organisations often seek out executive coaching for high performers who have shown potential for management roles. These individuals frequently face an agenda-filled environment, where challenges occur around work/life balance, managing stress, and people management and communication.

Our Leadership Coaching provides a safe environment to examine personal habits and beliefs. Focusing on an individual’s accountability and responsibility to their own desired outcomes, the program improves performance and increases their ability and understanding of the managing process.

Leadership Coaching can also reduce employee stress, support accountability and efficiency, and realign workplace loyalty.

Reflective Practice in Supervision

The service provides the opportunity for regular, collaborative reflection guided by an experienced supervisor, leading to developmental insights and professional growth.

Reflective practice is a semi-structured learning process, characterised by active listening and thoughtful questioning by both the individual and their supervisor. The process evokes learning and brings a critical perspective to their work. The key rationale is that training and the experience alone does not necessarily lead to learning, and that deliberate reflection on the experience is essential for insight and development.

Reflective practice in supervision can provide an individual with a safe learning environment to raise issues, explore problems, and discover new ways to handle both the situation and themselves in the future. Furthermore, reflective practice helps establish effective self-care practices, continuing professional development, and improved resilience.

Reflective practice models can include psychoeducation on stress responses, mitigating the risk of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, managing stress, and general self-care and wellbeing strategies.

Exit Interviews

Conducted with departing employees, Exit Interviews provide insightful data around an employee’s departure that drives organisational improvement.

Acacia’s Exit Interviews provide organisations with real actions to address to create a better, lower turn-over workplace for the future. Our program provides organisations with one of the keys to high-quality Exit Interviews – it is outsourced. This allows us to receive unbiased and impartial feedback from employees around their reasons for leaving.

From an organisation’s perspective, Exit Interviews allow investigation into reasons for an employee’s departure, on the basis that criticism is a helpful driver for organisational improvement. Acacia receives unbiased and impartial feedback from employees around their reasons for leaving. Exit Interviews also allow a chance for departing employees to leave with good relations and mutual respect.

Outplacement & Change Support

Specialised outplacement packages and services to assist your employees facing major workplace transitions, such as redundancy, restructuring, and retirement. 

Periods of organisational change can be difficult for both employers and employees. While often inevitable in organisational life, poor management of the change process can lead to employers feeling anxious or uncertain about their job or future employment. Acacia’s comprehensive program ensures employees face the job market feeling confident and well-prepared. 

Employees have the opportunity to work with a variety of experts who will support their return to the workforce. Services available include a dedicated outplacement coordinator, vocational coaching, professional resume assistance, financial coaching, and counselling sessions.


Professional mediation and conflict resolution services that support workplaces in building maintaining, and repairing relationships, no matter how simple, complex, or challenging. 

Acacia utilises processes that we are consistent, reliable, and designed specifically to support workplaces manage risk, compliance, and empower staff. Our restorative model  is specifically designed to work for employers and employees, with an 80% success rate.

Our services are delivered by experienced workplace mediators to ensure organisations have the best chance to repair workplace relationships. All our mediators are nationally accredited on the Australian Mediator Standards Board. 

We support organisations post-mediation and design infrastructure that continues to support participants after the mediation. This is the case even when participants don’t proceed to mediation or fail to reach an agreement. 

Workshops & Training

Acacia facilitates organisational health and wellbeing workshops and group training through our training division, The Workshop Lab.

Our industry-leading workshops create health-focused employees, harmonious teams, and happier workplaces for a sustainable working future. Our workshops have a solid foundation in organisational psychology, neuroscience, and science-backed research. Our team of presenters include experienced organisational psychologists, health and wellbeing practitioners, and business experts.

Each workshop is customised to match the challenges and priorities of your organisation. They are designed specifically for effective adult learning, and are engaging, interactive, and promote discussion. Using examples and scenarios from your organisation, we address the specific circumstances and challenges your employees face, creating a practical and relevant training experience. 

Read more about The Workshop Lab 

Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys support organisations in gaining a better understanding of their employees’ morale, satisfaction, and engagement within the workplace. 

Strong workplace cultures built on trust are required for a healthy workforce. Organisations that are not committed to building their workplace culture will lose employees who love what they do, but would rather do it elsewhere. 

Our Employee Surveys improve an organisation’s culture by measuring employees’ passion for their job and organisation.

Acacia works with organisations in understanding their surveys responses and suggests strategies and initiatives they can implement to ensure a mentally healthy workplace.