Acacia provides employees with access to confidential professional services, supporting mental health and wellbeing with a holistic approach.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring individuals have access to support when they need it most. Our dedicated team ensure that clients are connected with timely assistance that aligns with their needs and circumstances.

EAP Counselling

EAP Counselling is a confidential short-term, solution-focused counselling model that helps employees improve their wellbeing and get them back on track when various issues divert them from their general performance in the workplace.

Your employees can access EAP Counselling for a wide range of concerns. They may be seeking support around a mental health concern, develop their workplace skills, or  improve their general wellbeing. Whether it is a personal concern or a work-related issue, our team of experienced Professionals will support your employees explore the issue and develop strategies to better manage, or change, the situation. 

All employees are given the choice of how they want their service delivered; face-to-face, telephone, video, or live chat options are offered to all employees, so they can receive support in the manner that best suits them.

Nutritional Support

Delivered by Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs), these sessions provide employees with nutrition advice and support to improve their health and wellbeing through food and lifestyle choices.

Your employees will receive individualised advice to improve their relationship with food, improve their nutrition, and receive constant support and accountability from a professional.

Our APDs use medical nutrition therapy to conduct assessments, provide personalised recommendations, track support, develop individualised dietary plans, share nutritional education, and more.

Financial Coaching

This service provides access to qualified financial coaches who will help your employees overcome various financial challenges.

Delivered by accredited Financial Coaches, employees are supported to overcome situations and challenges, including creditor demands, bankruptcy, court orders, debt and debt recovering, financial stress, house eviction, unpaid bills or fines, and insurance issues.

Financial Coaching also supports employees to improve their financial wellbeing through developing financial management skills such as budgeting.

Legal Referral

Employees can receive assistance from experienced legal advisors in navigating any non-work-related legal matters.

Legal matters can contribute to stress and challenges, impacting employees performance and attendance at work. Acacia’s Legal Referral service supports an individual to understand the law and the options available to them.

Legal concerns may involve fines, family/parenting, court orders, tenancy and residency queries, wills and estate, civil matters, and separation advice, amongst others.

Specialist Connect Lines

Access to specialised wellbeing support for LGBTIQA+ individuals, First Nation individuals, and individuals experiencing Domestic and Family Violence through dedicated helplines.

Acacia understands the difficulty of reaching out in times of need, especially when an individual’s concern require additional, specialist support. Our 24/7 Specialist Connect Lines provide direct access to our services and a safe point of connection for individuals, by removing the need for disclosing their reason for access. 

Individuals can receive support from professionals with lived experiences or those highly experienced in their fields. 

Acacia currently has an LGBTIQA+ Connect Line, First Nations Connect Line, and Domestic and Family Violence Connect Line. Read more here.