"The Acacia Way" Webinar Series: Gain Comprehensive, Data-Driven Insights on Four Crucial EAP Topics with Acacia's National Business Development Manager, Matthew Walter

Please join us for the webinar series “The Acacia Way” as we break-down various EAP topics.

Join Acacia EAP as we delve into the pivotal role HR professionals play in critical incident response, reflecting our extensive experience in supporting the Australian workforce.

Serving as trusted partners to over 1,900 organizations from diverse sectors, and addressing the needs of teams with headcounts up to 60,000, Acacia EAP stands at the forefront of Employee Assistance. Our widespread engagement grants us an unparalleled perspective on critical incident management, enabling us to devise tailored approaches that can be vital to your organisation’s resilience.

The Acacia Way:

Kicking off The Acacia Way webinar series with….

Dive into best practices, explore real-world scenarios, and understand the paramount importance of timely and accurate assessment. Stay at the forefront of ensuring the best support for those in need. Join us for insights that can transform your approach.

  • Key principles and best practices in EAP Triage and Risk Assessment.
  • Real-world scenarios: How accurate assessments make a difference.
  • Tools and techniques for timely and effective support provision.
  • Enhancing the overall EAP experience through expert risk evaluation.

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