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Acacia EAP

We are an experienced provider of Employee Assistance Programs, offering industry leading wellbeing services and human resource risk management support. Our mission is simple – to give each client an experience which exceeds expectations in service, quality and outcomes to make a real difference in the lives of people and communities.

a specialist provider of EAP services in Australia and Internationally supporting over 1000 organisations

We truly care about your people and the quality of counselling that they receive. At Acacia EAP we pride ourselves on fulfilling our mission that every connection matters and this underscores all our interactions with our company clients, their employees, families and their communities. At Acacia EAP we recognise the importance of a high-quality counselling service and its benefits for your employees, not only at work but also in their home life.

About Us

WE ARE leaders in business and human resource risk management services

We specialise in delivering high quality Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and auxiliary human resources services to provide high value employee support when you need it most.

We understand the value of great employees to an organisation, big or small and we work with you to tailor an EAP program that is just right for you. In addition, we can provide additional HR support services designed to give your organisation a comprehensive human resources strategy.

Acacia Connection is committed to continual improvement in innovation and technological advancements to enhance our service. Some of our key achievements include:


Introduction of Workplace Wellbeing Industry Consultants (WWIC). As specialist EAP experts, our consultants bring in-depth sector knowledge and experience to support our network of customers.


First EAP provider in Australia to release a mental health and well-being AI (Artificial Intelligence) chat bot to the Australian workforce and public - Sia. Sia is our very own AI chat bot for your employees to access 24/7 for emotional support and to build resilience.


First EAP provider in Australia to open a Research Institute to conduct focused research and inform the industry about the outcomes of the work we do across the businesses in our group. Our work here will improve the understanding of workplaces and people to enhance workplace outcomes.


First EAP provider in Australia to conduct research on why men don’t seek counselling, in conjunction with the University of Sydney.



Acacia EAP is a leader in business and human resource risk management services, offering unparalleled services to Australian organisations to achieve industry leading outcomes.


Our Incorporated Association Acacia Wishes helps people in need, not with money but with services and supports for them at their most difficult times. Acacia Wishes has granted many wishes to help others.

Emverio Workplace mediations

Emverio Workplaces is a National Mediation, Investigation, Assessment and Training business. Emverio was founded by Anna Faoagali after working some 20 years in this space, conducting Mediations, Investigations, Assessments and Training.


The Workshop Lab specialises in corporate training and development solutions for Australian organisations in the form of engaging and educational workshops. We deliver industry-leading workshops designed to create well-equipped employees, thriving teams & happier workplaces for the future.

Job Care Australia

Job Care Australia has been providing outplacement and onsite support services to nearly 1000 Australian companies over the past 5 years. Our core focus is in our name Job Care we really care about helping organisations and employees through restructuring and redundancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a benefit provided by companies for their employees and related family members. For employees it provides access to confidential counselling on a range of work and other issues at no cost to the employee. For companies, an EAP provides a vital support resource for employees, managers and teams to assist with day to day issues and incidents. An EAP is far broader than a counselling service – it provides organisational trends of developing issues and workplace risks. Your EAP provides a large range of information to assist people not just when there are areas worrying or distracting them from their work but also to improve their personal well-being.

Acacia EAP has an immediate service for people in crisis. Within 10 minutes you are assured to be able to speak with a counsellor. Our normal face to face EAP service is provided within 1-5 days, depending upon your availability to attend an appointment with the local counsellor.

Counselling aims to improve individual well-being. It is a process where one person (client) talks to another (counsellor) in confidence about issues or difficulties they are experiencing. The counsellor will assist you to talk about and explore the issue, and develop strategies to cope with the situation or change the situation. Counsellors will engage with you and where possible help you come to terms with/resolve your issues and concerns. Different people seek different outcomes from the counselling process. Because of this it is important that you take the time to talk to your counsellor about what you are expecting, or hoping for as a result of the counselling process.

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