We Offer Industry Leading Employee Assistance Programs & Wellbeing Services

Our mission is simple – to give each client an experience that exceeds expectations in service, quality, and outcomes to make a real difference in people’s lives.

A Global Specialist Of EAP Services With A Focus On Collaborative Partnerships

Acacia specialises in delivering high-quality Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and Wellbeing Services, partnering with over 2,000 organisations to provide employee support when needed the most.

We understand the value employees add to an organisation and we work with you to tailor an offering that supports them to thrive. Our suite of services is designed to offer a holistic and robust program that aligns with your mental health and wellbeing strategy.

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Our Tailored Solutions Support Our Partners To Create Mentally Healthy Workplaces.

Acacia’s unique partnership model, spearheaded by our Workplace Wellbeing Consultants, provide organisations with a collaborative and information-driven working relationship.

Mentally healthy workplaces can’t just focus on individuals that are in crisis and supporting them in recovery. Acacia’s approach is for all – regardless of where they sit on the mental health continuum.

Our framework includes three key pillars that look at promotion, protection and support.

We Are Committed To Providing Industry-Leading Services To Support Employers, Employees & Communities

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The Acacia Connections Group Of Companies

The breadth of our readily available services to support your organisational needs.

Emverio Workplace Investigations

Emverio Workplace Complaints provides affordable, compliant, and robust external workplace investigations. We specialise in investigating employee conduct, such as workplace complaints about bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment, misconduct, whistleblowing, or inappropriate behaviour.

The Workshop Lab

The Workshop Lab specialises in corporate training and development solutions for organisations in the form of engaging and educational workshops. We deliver industry-leading training designed to create well-equipped employees, thriving teams and happier workplaces for the future.

Emverio Workplace Complaints

Emverio Workplace Complaints is a cost-effective complaints management or whistleblowing service. Highly experienced and professional service, Emverio has been providing services to support conflict and employee complaints for over five years, servicing multiple industries and companies.


Healthy Self-Esteem​

Self-esteem refers to the subjective evaluation of ourselves, our worth, and our perceived value – or simply, how we think and feel about ourselves. It encompasses our perceptions of our own competence, attractiveness, and likability.

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Communication Styles

Effective communication is crucial in all aspects of life, from personal relationships to professional environments, or social interactions. One key aspect of communication is understanding different communication styles.

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