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EAP Perth

It seems pretty obvious that ensuring employees are happy and healthy is the key to a cooperative and productive workplace; however, research conducted over the last few decades has honed in on exactly what is needed to create these healthy workplace environments. As a result, most of the largest companies in the world have incorporated Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), staff and manager wellbeing training and critical incident practices based on scientific evidence and these have created a new era of workplace wellbeing.

At Acacia Connection Perth, we offer evidence-informed employee assistance programs that are easy to implement and give you an amazing return on investment. Our EAP provides rapid, short-term support to staff who are experiencing difficulties at work or at home. This limits the chance of small things escalating into situations that become out-of-hand, affecting the ability of employees to properly perform their duties or attend work. Employees are able to quickly and easily request counselling from our fully qualified psychologists for any situation, such as;

Our services lower rates of workplace conflict, stress-related leave, absenteeism, burnout and turnover rates, while also building rapport and unity between employees and management teams. When past clients have extended their services to include our critical incident services (counselling of employees after traumatic or emotional events), they have noticed even further benefits.

As part of our suite of services, we also offer our clients in Perth and surrounding suburbs a range of workplace wellbeing and productivity workshops, with topics such as mental health training, health & wellbeing workshops, workplace productivity & performance, effective communication & conflict resolution, or leadership & management training. Our training workshops can be personalised to suit your needs with our customised learning solutions and you can opt to do all training face-to-face at your own workplace or via webinar. We have friendly and professional psychologists, leadership experts and health and wellbeing practitioners in position as our trainers.

If you’re looking to improve your Perth workplace, click here to contact us for an appointment or a chat about integration of an EAP, a Critical Incident Service or Wellbeing Workshop Training.