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The Workshop Lab specialises in delivering employee health and wellbeing training solutions for wellness-focused organisations across Australia. As part of the Acacia Connection Group, The Workshop Lab delivers research-based information and enjoys a a strong foundation in wellbeing science and organisational psychology. Our aim is to deliver industry-leading workshops designed to create well-equipped employees, thriving teams, and happier workplaces for a sustainable working future.

The training you invest in should meet the real needs of your organisation, produce measurable results, and provide an engaging experience for your staff. There are many benefits of embedding organisational health and wellbeing training. In the short term, it can improve employee engagement and team cohesiveness, and increase overall energy and concentration. Over the long term, studies have shown training results in reduced absenteeism, improved corporate image and social responsibility, and increased productivity.

Our team of national presenters include experienced organisational psychologists, health and wellbeing practitioners, and business experts – all of whom are qualified experts in their field.

Our research-backed workshops are specifically designed for effective adult learning in the workplace and are
delivered in an interactive and engaging style. Our workshops can be held in any workplace nationally and range from one-hour intensive sessions to full-day options.

Beyond the training session, we also offer individual coaching to support effective behaviour change over the long-term.

Format: Webinar or face-to-face delivery

Style: All workshops include a variety of learning techniques designed to promote maximum engagement, interactive discussion, self-reflection and ultimately behaviour change.

Materials: Workbooks are provided for every workshop.

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