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Work Life Balance

This intensive session provides participants with practical knowledge and powerful techniques in order to create a healthy level of work life balance. We go beyond the basic fundamentals and focus on strengthening skills to achieve an appropriate level of robust work life balance for a more productive, happier lifestyle.

Learning Outcomes?

  • Understand the scientifically-proven benefits of work life balance.
  • Identify the signs of an unhealthy work life balance.
  • Gain insight into the neuroscience behind productivity and why the brain needs a rest.
  • Learn important strategies to create better work life balance while actually improving productivity.
  • Learn important tips for improving self-management and prioritisation of tasks to achieve more balance.
  • Understand time management and how to use this precious commodity wisely.
  • Learn our powerful tips to re-charge the batteries and manage stress more effectively.

Duration: available in 2-Hr, 3-Hr and Half Day options.