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Self-Care Strategies

Sometimes when it comes to our health and well-being, we can be our own worst enemy. Long working hours without adequate rest; keeping up with demanding workloads; and burning the candle at both ends can came at the expense of our self-care. One day we wake up and realise the impact of our unhealthy habits.

While ok in the short-term, eventually, left unmanaged, neglecting your personal health & well-being can result in poor health and total burn out. This has a negative impact on the individual, the team and the organisation.

During this workshop we help employees recognise the importance of looking after their personal health and well-being through effective self-care management. Participants learn a suite of tools and techniques to keep their health & well-being in check. Participants also look at the seven aspects to achieving life satisfaction and assess where improvements can be made. Special attention is paid to managing stress and improving mental and physical health.

Duration: 2 Hr, 3 Hr, 4 Hr, Full Day