Nutrition: Fuel for Shift Workers

Having a good understanding of nutrition is essential to building a culture that supports health and well-being in the workplace.

Quite often, getting enough nutrition can present a significant challenge for many shift workers due to the very nature of their varying work schedules. However, following a few key nutritional strategies and guidelines can make a positive difference on energy, sleep quality and overall health.

This workshop is full of insight and practical tips specifically to help shift workers improve their daily nutrition no matter what hours they work.

  • Understand how shift work impacts nutrition.
  • Recognise how the natural body clock impacts eating habits and nutrition.
  • Gain tips for optimal eating habits for day vs night shift.
  • Understand what foods help induce better sleep.
  • Recognise common nutritional traps for shift workers and how to avoid them.
  • Recognise the impact of alcohol, caffeine and other common eating errors.
  • Gain general tips for structuring healthy eating to support a shift workers lifestyle.
  • Nutritious foods at for shift workers: practical suggestions for healthy meals and snacks.

Duration: Available in 1-Hr, 2-Hr