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Nutrition: Eating for High Performance

Having a good understanding of nutrition is essential to building a culture that supports health and well-being in the workplace.

Good nutrition is essential for clear thinking, optimal energy levels and overall daily productivity in the workplace.During this workshop, employees learn how to use nutrition to support high performance at work including tips for boosting brain power and creating a more consistent energy flow.

This workshop is full of interesting facts, eye-opening information and practical tips to ensure employees pay adequate attention to what they are eating.

  • Understanding nutrition and how it supports optimal thinking and creativity at work.
  • Eating for optimal energy output at work.
  • Avoid the traps: alcohol, caffeine and other common eating errors.
  • Tips for healthy eating to support a busy corporate lifestyle.
  • Nutritious foods at work: practical suggestions for healthy food that boost brain power.

Duration:Available in 1-Hr, 2-Hr