Grief & Loss

Experiencing grief and loss can have a significant impact on employees and their ability to go about their daily work. This workshop is designed to provide information about the grief cycle in a sensitive and supportive manner to help employees recognise that grief and loss affects people in different ways. This workshop provides various tips and strategies for not only managing your own grief but also supporting others who may be coming to terms with a significant loss.

Learning Objectives 

  • Develop a clear understanding of grief and the Grief Cycle.
  • Recognise that grief and loss can affect people differently.
  • Gain useful strategies for managing grief and loss.
  • Understanding the importance of self-care during grief or loss.
  • Understand how to support others experiencing grief and loss.
  • Gain valuable strategies for managing grief and loss in the workplace.
  • Understand what other support and resources are available.

Duration: Available in 2-Hr or 3-Hr options.