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Health & Wellness Essentials

This workshop provides insight into the essential pillars for achieving optimal health & well-being. We spend up to 60% of our waking hours at work so it is essential that employees adopt some key strategies in and out of the workplace to achieve good health. Unfortunately, due to a busy working schedule, many employees let their health & well-being slip. This often results in constant tiredness, low productivity, illness and burnout.

During this workshop participants will identify the seven key pillars to achieving optimal health and well-being. The workshop goes beyond basic understanding and informs employees about the real impact of their wellness decisions from a scientific point of view.

This workshop can be adapted to focus on certain areas and includes key areas like mental health, nutrition, exercise, financial wellness, social connectedness and more.

The aim of this workshop is to take the first step in creating a more healthy workplace through open facilitated discussion.

Duration: available in 2-Hr, 3-Hr, Half Day & Full Day options.