Customised Workshops & Training Information

The Workshop Lab’s professional learning and development team can work with you to develop an fully customised workplace training solution for your organisation. Our team can conduct a complete training needs analysis with the management team and individual employees to ensure a training solution matches your organisational learning and development requirements for future success.

We can assist with: 

  • Workplace Training Needs Analysis
  • Employee Learning Needs Analysis
  • Topic research and development.
  • Complete Workshop Kit development
  • Workshop Kit training and support
  • Professional Facilitation Training


Our popular Workshop Kits can include:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Facilitators Guide
  • Participant Workbook
  • Customised Videos (Live or animated)
  • Interactive activities and exercises.
  • Ice-Breakers and Team Building Exercises

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Duration: Express 2-Hr, 3-Hr, Half Day, Full Day.

Cultural Awareness

The Cultural Awareness workshop helps to build a workplace that openly celebrates and welcomes cultural diversity in the workplace. This insightful workshop is aimed at eliminating unconscious bias or discrimination by focusing on the significant benefits of a culturally diverse workforce. This workshop is completely customisable to the  unique cultural influences of your organisation.

Duration: 1-Hr, 2-Hr, 3-Hr.

Effective Change Management

Change is inevitable in all organisations. However, managing change can be an enormous challenge for organisations if leaders are not equipped with the right tools and knowledge to lead change effectively. Successful change management requires thoughtful planning, good communication and sensitive execution.

This intensive workshop provides leaders with the best tools, techniques and framework to implement effective change management across a wide variety of situations. The overall aim is to reduce employee resistance to organisational change using a proven systematic and coordinated approach to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

  • Understand the neuroscience behind change and why it is so important to get right in the workplace.
  • Identify the different responses to change and learn how to manage each of them.
  • Identify the common areas of conflict, concern and resistance.
  • Understand the Six-Step Change Management Model and how to implement it.
  • Obtain tools and techniques to guide change management planning, communication and execution.
  • Learn a variety of tools and techniques to overcome negative behaviours.
  • Gain useful tips to foster resilience in your team and bounce back from challenges.
  • Understand governance and legal responsibilities for leaders.
  • develop your own action plan which can be implemented in your workplace immediately.
  • Access useful support and resources.

All change management workshops are customised to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Duration: Express 2-Hr, 3-Hr, Half Day, Full Day.

Leadership Training for New Managers

Research indicates that less than 10% of new managers felt prepared for their leadership role. Typically, high-performing employees get promoted to leadership roles without receiving any formal support or training which can result in catastrophic consequences for the first-time manager, the team and the organisation.

This workshop solves that issue and helps ensure new managers receive the knowledge, structure and skills they need make the transition into management successfully.

Duration: Half Day, Full Day

Managing People Effectively

Effective leadership has a major impact on employee satisfaction, productivity and workplace culture. During this workshop participants learn the eight key management principals that underpin an effective leadership framework which can be applied to any team.

Duration: Available in 3-Hr, 4-Hr, Half Day or Full Day options.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Explore the importance of effective leadership in the workplace.
  • Understand how the role of the leader has changed and how this impacts your leadership style.
  • Identify the most important traits employees and organisations look for in a great leader.
  • Identify common roadblocks to e ective leadership and how you can overcome them.
  • Understand the eight key principals behind e ective leadership and how you can apply them.
  • Learn practical tools and techniques to make positive improvements in your leadership.
  • Gain take away strategies to a ect positive change, not only within your team but across the organisation.

Bullying & Harassment

Safe Work Australia estimates that work-related stress and bullying can cost Australian employers up to $693 million each year.

During this intensive workshop, participants will learn to understand, identify and prevent bullying behaviour in the workplace. Participants also learn what action steps should be taken if they experience bullying or harassment at work.

  • Define bullying, harassment and discrimination.
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities in relation to bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace.
  • Review workplace policies and procedures.
  • Understand how to protect individual employees and the organisation from the negative effects of bullying and harassment.
  • Reduce legal risk or reputational damage.
  • What resources & support is available.

The Workshop Lab operates this specialised workshop in conjunction with Evolve Workplaces – Australia’s leading workplace investigation and mediation specialists. All Bullying & Harassment workshops are run by highly qualified workplace mediators who can answer all of the participants questions in relation to bullying and harassment in accordance with Australian workplace law.

Duration: 1-Hr

"The safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff is always our top priority. Acacia EAP is currently operating under normal conditions. Due to the pandemic status of COVID-19, some locations may move from face-to-face counselling to secure video or phone. All counselling services are able to be provided 24/7, as always. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and act quickly on the advice of health authorities."