Acacia Wishes

Acacia Wishes grants wishes of service and support to individuals in the community experiencing hardship and life difficulties. Acacia Wishes hopes these acts of kindness provide individuals in need with relief and the helping hand they deserve to get back on track.

How does Acacia Wishes work?

We ask our Acacia Connections clients and community to nominate individuals who could use a helping hand in the form of a granted Acacia Wish. If you know someone who could use support, please lodge a wish through the below form.

The Acacia Research Institute receives kind donations from our Acacia EAP corporate clients as well as direct funding through Acacia EAP to grant these wishes. The Acacia Research Institute Committee meet each month to review the submitted wishes and vote to grant the most eligible wish/es. If the recipient/s give us permission, we share their story and encourage our supporting client companies and community to share the information through their media channels.

We encourage all members of the community as well as our corporate clients, to donate to Acacia Wishes and help change the lives of these deserving individuals one wish at a time. 100% of donations received go directly into the fund to grant wishes. Acacia Connections covers 100% of the administration and operating expenses of Acacia Wishes to ensure all donations received are used for the benefit of the community.

Acacia Wishes Granted List

    • Acacia Wishes purchased airline tickets to Italy, allowing a lady to attend her Mother’s funeral and give her a meaningful farewell.
    • Acacia Wishes covered the moving cost of a lady who needed to flee her home due to Domestic Violence. This allowed her to ensure her safety and move forward with her life.
    • Acacia Wishes purchased a new washing machine for a Mother of six children who had to flee her home previously due to Domestic Violence. This wish relieved this Mother of hand-washing the clothing of her six children, allowing her more time to spend with her children.
    • Acacia Wishes purchased newborn baby items for a young family who were medically evacuated to Australia from Papua New Guinea with a lifesaving child birth.
    • Acacia Wishes purchased new school uniforms for four children who had to flee their home due to Domestic Violence.


If you know of someone experiencing hardship in their life, lodge a wish for them below.

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