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Are you compliant with the new workplace Whistleblower laws?

Find out more from Emverio Workplace Solutions, Acacia Connection’s workplace mediation and investigation specialists.

As you are likely aware, after several years of consultations, committee hearings and draft proposals, the long-foreshadowed reforms to Australian whistleblower legislation were finally passed by Parliament on 19 February 2019.

The Treasury Laws Amendment (Enhancing Whistleblower Protections) Bill 2019 will take affect from July 1 and with it will come a significant crackdown on corporate compliance, wherein all public companies and large proprietary companies will be required to have a whistleblower policy in place.

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Free Whistleblower Policy

As a valued client, it is with pleasure that I introduce you to Emverio’s newest service – Emverio Workplace Complaints & Whistleblowing service. A service to assist you in formulating the ‘speak up’ component of your policy by providing you with a FREE Whistleblower Policy template.

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Emverio Workplace Complaints (EWC) is an external complaint and whistleblowing service which operates both online and over the phone and is an outlet for employees to raise any concerns they may have about their workplace.

EWC is here to provide guidance with designing or updating internal whistleblower policies, staff training or general advice on compliance and reforms. To learn more about how to partner with EWC to receive and process your workplace complaints and:


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