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Our Business Continuity Plan is reviewed weekly in accordance with Government and health authorities announcements. This page was last updated on Tuesday the 24th of March, 2020.

Notification of Impacts to Services

Acacia EAP’s Business Continuity Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic was released to our clients via email on 12th March. Our Business Continuity Plan confirms our commitment to notify our clients if there are any serious or ongoing issues in terms of our ability to provide EAP services which includes our two key areas: our call centre and counselling services. In response to the advice provided by the health authorities and state/federal government, Acacia EAP has adjusted our service delivery format in some states. 

Further details of these changes are noted below. We can confirm that Acacia EAP remains available 24/7.

BCP Review

We monitor the BCP and review it daily as information from the Government and health authorities change. Rebecca Weiss (Acting Acacia EAP CEO) and Greg Kentish (Chairman) meet and discuss daily as to internal team and staff requirement changes necessary.

In order for Acacia EAP to be able to continue to provide ongoing and the same services to our clients there are two key aspects to our business that are crucial to business continuity, one is our national call centre and the second is our national counselling team.

#1. Our Call Centre:

As of Monday the 16th of March we have arranged for all employee roles in the Brisbane national office other than our call centre, counsellors and front reception to work from home. The primary objective of this move is to ensure our call centre operations are able to continue with those staff staying well. We have separated these teams as well to minimise any chance of infection.

We are currently in the process of activating our backup softphone system whereby our call centre teams can work from home, should the Queensland Government implement a shutdown of all non-essential activities and workplaces.

Our call centre team and clinical manager are the only staff left in our national office and they are all adhering to the internal social distancing requirements for static work (4 metres) and also 1.5 metres for non-static contact. We have arranged vehicle use and carpooling for this whole team so that they are not exposed to public transport.

#2. Counselling Services Team

Acacia EAP has our own employed team of Psychologists, registered counsellors & social workers across the country in multiple practice locations. We also have close to 1000 affiliate Psychologists in private practice across 900 locations.

We are monitoring Covid-19 infection rates by city and taking steps to isolate our employees based across the country in line with state government requirements. We are confident with our very broad service network we will be able to meet all demand for services and some services over time may change to be just secure video or phone counselling.

Other Important Updates

Employees Access to Counselling

Maintaining counselling for employees is one of our highest priorities.

As cities move to shutdown non-essential businesses, including school in some  states, we are ceasing providing face-to-face counselling and supporting clients to access virtual counselling via phone, secure video sessions and live chat.

We have increased our internal Psychological support team at this time to ensure that we can provide fast and efficient counselling to anyone who requires it.

Ongoing Counselling If Clinicians Are Unable to Continue

Acacia EAP has a large affiliate network and is able to refer to other 900 Psychologists in our team if a particular Psychologist became so sick they were unable to continue working for a period. Our team would ask clients if they would give consent to case notes being forwarded if they wished to continue counselling with a new Psychologist. 

Your Employees Safety

Each location where we are continuing to provide face-to-face counselling has  COVID-19 Patient Warning posters outside our building that advise anyone who has travelled overseas or presenting with symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath) to not enter our building, and contact our team via phone to reschedule their appointment to a virtual session. 

We have also hand sanitiser available at the reception areas, waiting rooms and counselling rooms, with signs posted prominently to ensure our visitors practice good hand and respiratory hygiene.

There is no physical contact between counsellors and clients permitted and a 1.5mtr social distance policy is in place.

All of our offices have all touch areas disinfected multiple times each day with hospital grade disinfectant.

Our Employees with Symptoms

Any Acacia employee with COVID-19 symptoms have been told they must be isolated at home and are required to gain medical clearance or remain in isolation for 14 days before returning to work.

 Employees are offered the opportunity to work from home unless they are so  unwell that they wish to take a sick day.

 As at the 24th of March, there are no Acacia EAP employees presenting with  symptoms of the virus, off work with virus symptoms, or referred for testing for  COVID-19.

IT Supply

Acacia has an in-house server for all of our records and an offsite server for our database and records. All servers are double backed daily up with contingencies in place.

For any further questions please contact: Greg Kentish, Executive Chairman of the Acacia Connections Group.

If you or someone close to you needs support, contact Acacia EAP for an appointment.

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