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EAP Shanghai

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are quickly becoming a default feature of the practices of the world’s top companies. Their inclusion makes total sense when you consider research has consistently shown that happy and healthy employees equal a thriving and successful business! If you haven’t yet implemented an employee assistance program and critical incident practices, staff and manager wellbeing training or similar, you’re compromising your workplace and missing out on many positive benefits.

The team at Acacia Connection Shanghai are able to assist you with implementing an employee assistance program that fits in with the individual needs of your company. We have worked with past clients to reduce or eliminate workplace conflict and stress, burnout, absenteeism and turnover rates by providing swift assistance to any employee who is experiencing performance duties, work attendance issues, are considering resignation or anything else. Our skilled and qualified psychologists can be easily contacted by employees at any time for a confidential chat about the following concerns:

EAPs have also been shown to strengthen the working relationship between and amongst employees and managers, creating a cooperative and unified workplace. At Acacia Connection Shanghai, we also offer Critical Incident Services, which assists employees to recover from trauma or emotional damage via counselling or debriefing service after unexpected work-related incidents.

We can also offer your company a range of wellbeing and productivity workshops in Shanghai and surrounds or via webinar. These workshops cover a number of themes, including:

If you’d prefer a more customised solution, we are able to cater to your needs with our customised learning solutions, by tailoring our workshop topics for you. Our highly-professional and friendly training staff consists of qualified psychologists, top leadership experts and health and wellbeing practitioners.

Contact our Shanghai team to discuss our EAP services, Critical Incident Services or Wellbeing Workshop Training by click here.