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Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides your business with the opportunity to reduce its people risks by providing confidential and effective solution-focused counselling to employees and their families. The aim is to improve productivity in the workplace by reducing the impact of factors such as absenteeism, excessive stress, presenteeism, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms that negatively affect the working environment.

Implementation of an Employee Assistance Program is likely to result in your business saving money in the long term. There is strong evidence that concludes the overall return on investment for a successful program is 5.74 times the company spend, measured by a reduction in absenteeism and increased productivity (Hargrave et al, 2008; Jorgensen, 2007).

The key benefits of an EAP program will enable you to prevent, identify, and resolve issues before they negatively impact your workplace. This is through:

  • Increased morale, now seen as an excellent employee benefit for employers of choice
  • Improved productivity, due to the improvement in personal life distractions and issues
  • Assistance for managers to deal with those often tricky and complex employee issues and strategies
  • Reduced workplace absenteeism
  • Reduced WHS risks by having a proactive system in place for supporting your employees mental health.

Acacia are experienced in providing a range of professional and confidential counselling services for both personal and work-related issues. All clients are given the choice of how they want their service delivered; face-to-face, telephone, video, or live chat options are offered to all clients, so they can receive support in the manner that best suits them.

Acacia’s EAP program provides you with a range of mental health and wellbeing inclusions. 

  • Crisis Counselling: 24/7 access to immediate crisis counselling with qualified Psychologists
  • Holistic Support: access to legal support for simple, non-work legal matters; qualified financial coaches for assistance on overcoming financial difficulties; and highly-qualified Dieticians that can assist with nutritional queries and individualised nutritional support
  • Manager Hotline: a service that allows managers 24/7 support on managing a difficult employee or situation at work. This gives managers immediate peace of mind about their decisions and next best steps to take
  • Critical Incident Support: we provide incident management, triage, response, and recommendations to workplaces following critical incidents. Our responders follow current best practice recommendations 
  • Monthly and Quarterly Reporting: de-identified reporting that helps you understand your employees and their concerns. This report also shows industry benchmarking, so you can see how your company compares to similar organisations
  • Promotional Materials: printed and including brochures, wallet cards, posters, and intranet graphics
  • Monthly Mail-Outs: wellbeing tip sheets focused around special day events that you can incorporate into your workplace
  • Online Login Portal: access to our Employee Wellbeing Portal, which contains wellbeing materials and tip sheets, and allows employees to receive counselling via live chat, request an appointment, or submit a question directly to an EAP professional.