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Acacia EAP is a boutique specialist provider of EAP services in Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is simple – to give each client an experience which exceeds expectations in service, quality, and outcomes to make a real difference in the lives of people and communities. We truly care about your people and the quality of counselling that they receive, unlike some of the larger firms who are transaction focused and commoditising the service. We treat every interaction with the greatest of care, living by our business promise of every connection matters.

In addition to the standard EAP servicing, we can provide you with a suite of wellbeing support services tailored to your needs. 

Mediations and Investigations

Unresolved conflict can lead to allegations of bullying and harassment. It can cause high attrition, low productivity, and toxic cultures. Left unaddressed, it can lead to difficulties in recruiting, attracting, and retaining talented team members.

Acacia is the first EAP provider to partner with a national Mediation and Investigation specialist provider – Emverio Workplace Solutions. Most EAP providers use underqualified clinicians for mediations, who are neither properly trained nor registered in mediation techniques. Emverio only uses accredited and experienced mediators to ensure you have the best chance to repair and restore workplace relationships.

Emverio is Australia’s best specialist Mediations and Investigations, and provides services across the country. This ensures all mediations for your different locations across the country are delivered in exactly the same way, no matter where they are held. This will give you peace of mind about consistency of method and outcomes.


Change in modern organisations is inevitable, and that may mean major employment transition, such as redundancy, restructuring, and retrenchment. A high-quality outplacement program is crucial to protect brand image and assist your people to find suitable work quickly. This is why Acacia provides the most comprehensive outplacement program in the country.

Facilitated through the Acacia Connection Group’s Job Care Australia, our professional team will provide the necessary support to help employees face the job market feeling confident and well prepared. Employees have the opportunity to work with a variety of experts who will support their return to the workforce. Services available include a dedicated outplacement coordinator, vocational coaching, professional copywriting assistance for resumes and cover letters, financial coaching, and counselling sessions.

We also offer a comprehensive retirement option for people transitioning to retirement.


EAP@Work™ is a regular, scheduled onsite service whereby an Acacia EAP Professional facilitates EAP support onsite in the workplace. We offer tailored support models to meet your workplace needs and requirements.

EAP@Work™ offers a proactive approach to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of your people. Increased accessibility promotes help-seeking behaviour and can subsequently result in earlier intervention of issues that may have otherwise more significantly impact employees in the workplace. The service is a great way to remove the stigma associated with accessing mental health and wellbeing support, as well as the barriers that can be faced when registering and booking an appointment offsite.

In addition to increased accessibility, onsite support has also proven effective for teams where the nature of their work, or their work environment, presents potential exposure to psychosocial risks.

Exit Interviews

Externally conducted exit interviews can be a powerful tool for your organisation. We often hear HR people say, “we never seem to get the real reasons people are leaving us.” By utilising Acacia EAP to conduct your exit interviews, you will get to the root of the reasons people leave. Outsourced programs provide you with unbiased and impartial feedback from employees, and their reasons for leaving.

With employee replacement costs at about 150%, it can be extremely valuable to establish the reasons people are leaving your employment. Our carefully constructed processes will get you the best feedback from exiting employees. Acacia EAP can also provide trend reporting and help you identify how to decrease staff turnover.

Exit Interviews are conducted with departing employees, just before they leave. They are usually conducted over the phone, but can be completed face-to-face to align with your workplace needs. 

Employee Passion Surveys

More than 90% of employees say that workplace culture is important to their job satisfaction. And yet only 15% say their workplace’s culture was where it needs to be. 

Passion contributes more towards value creation than any other human capability (Gary Hamel, The Future of Management). The primary purpose of your organisation is to deliver value to your customers through your products and services. The more passionate your employees are the more value you will deliver.

Acacia EAP has partnered with Integro Learning company to provide Employee Passion Surveys. It measures how passionate your employees are for their job and for their organisation. This is so you can understand your workplace’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to pinpoint problem areas and create initiatives to address these areas.

Unlike other engagement surveys, our Employee Passion Survey’s follow up has Acacia EAP working alongside your leaders to develop solutions to your survey report, not just delivering you a glossy mountain of feedback. Not only is the survey easy to understand and use, but the results we provide you can be benchmarked against hundreds of other Australian companies. 

Mood Check Survey

Quite often, our customers ask us how they can measure their employee’ satisfaction on an ongoing basis without spending thousands running engagement surveys. Acacia EAP’s Clinical Psychologists have developed a tool that allows us to conduct regular Mood “Check-ins”.

Acacia EAP’s Mood Check Survey looks at your employees’ wellness across measures in areas including Cognitions, Work Context, Emotional, Physical, and Outcomes. Our Mood Survey is quick and cost-effective; our customers receive their report within seven days to ensure you can respond immediately. 

Executive Coaching

From our EAP presenting issues experience, we know that leadership in Australia needs improvement. People are often promoted early due to their strong technical ability, without building the necessary skills in managing people or teams. 

Acacia EAP’s Executive Coaching program is designed to transform the quality of your organisation’s leaders, regardless of their level. Our program focuses on refreshing and delivering leadership goals through twelve, one-hour coaching sessions.

Reflective Practice in Supervision

Reflective practice is a semi-structured learning process, characterised by active listening and thoughtful questioning to evoke learning and bring a critical perspective to their work.

Reflective practice is not therapy. Rather, it is a promotion of learning and professional development that supports resilience building, increases employee self-awareness, and enhances team cohesion. 

This collaborative approach can be valuable in a variety of settings. Widely used in the Human Services Industry for staff at risk of compassion fatigue and burnout, it can also be utilised in industries where roles present a higher risk of harm to the psychological wellbeing of the individual. Roles that work with difficult or vulnerable clients or where staff are repeatedly exposed to potentially traumatic material can also benefit from reflective practice.