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Acacia Wishes - Our Corporate Social Responsibility in Action

Acacia Connections was also founded with a focus to give back to the communities we serve. We are the only EAP in Australia with a separate support foundation. Our Incorporated Association, Acacia Wishes helps people in need, not with money but with services and supports for them at their most difficult times. Acacia Wishes has granted many wishes to help others and Acacia EAP will continue to donate funds from each EAP session conducted as caring for people is in our DNA.

How Does Acacia Wishes Work?

Our Acacia Wishes foundation also receives funding through memberships of Acacia EAP company clients. We ask our Company Clients and members of the community to nominate a wish for people they believe could really use a helping hand during a tough time in their life.


All members will have the opportunity to vote each month and select the most eligible wish/es. Our Board will ensure wishes are genuine and then extend a charitable hand to help people out. If the recipient/s gives us permission, we will also share their stories and encourage our supporting client companies to share the information through their media channels.

We offer anyone an annual membership fee for Acacia Wishes of $249. All membership funds raised go directly into the fund for distribution to members voted wishes. If you would like to become a member lodge this request on our contact us page.

Acacia EAP helps our charity financially in the following ways:

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